Sometimes, an encounter with a skunk can be memorable, but there are times when it can be traumatizing, especially when the skunk is angry or frightened.

When a skunk is frightened or scared, it can give off a smelly scent that has been known to keep bears and predators at bay. Believe it or not, this pungent aroma is so strong that it can also be smelled by humans even when they are miles away.

To make things worse, skunks can also cause serious damage in the gardens and lawns because they dig holes to search for prey in the soil. It is for that reason why you should find ways to keep these pesky skunks out of your territory.

Because summer is just around the corner, that means skunks are everywhere. It’s time to take action. Here are some ways on how to keep these creatures away from your home:

How can you Keep Skunks Away

1. Remove their sources of food.

If you want to deter those skunks, you must keep away the yummy treats that are attracting them. Cover the garbage cans with lids and make sure they don’t easily get off. Not only will garbage attract skunks, they also attract other animals.

In addition, check your patios, porches, and sheds for openings. These spaces can be used by skunks to crawl inside your homes and hint for foods.

If there are fruit-bearing trees in your lawn or yard, remove the fruits that have fallen on the ground. They only entice skunks to find ways to get into your territory. It also helps to remove the sources of water that skunks can access.

2. Use skunk traps.

Sure, you can lock up your birds and put up fences to guard your tomatoes, but that does not keep skunks away. That is why some people use skunk repellents and traps.

One popular repellent that is very effective is a fox’s urine. As soon as the skunk smells the urine, it will think that a predator is nearby, making it decide to avoid the area. Citrus peels also have natural skunk repelling qualities. Scatter lemon and orange peels all over your area to deter skunks.

If a fox’s urine is not available, you can make your own pepper spray using water and cayenne pepper. It’s also an effective way to deter skunks.

3. Use light installations in the yard.

Skunks are nocturnal creatures. Hence, when they see light, they tend to shy away. If you install lights in your area, it will become less appealing to skunks and other insects like moths and crickets.

Here is one useful advice. Because the lights will be up all night, consider using solar-based lights. You may also use lights with motion sensors.

What to Do When You Catch a Skunk

The tips listed here are definitely going to keep those skunks away. But if by any chance, you have caught or trapped a skunk, transport it to a place away from home for release. If not, call the experts like Markham Wildlife Removal. These guys know how to handle these skunks in the most humane way possible and will help you with skunk removal from your property.

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