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Are you facing Wasp/Hornet Problems in your place?

Although wasps and hornets are small creatures, they are a common problem for people, especially during the summers in Toronto and The GTA. Their ability to create nests, damage structures, and sting painfully can make staying outdoors a real problem. Specifically, people who have allergies can sometimes have life-threatening reactions. Consequently, wasp control and hornet removal can be a risky task, putting yourself and others around you in danger.

Thus, it is recommended to call for professionals for wasp control and hornet removal.

Common Problems

  • Wasps/hornets causing damage to property and building structures
  • Painful stings to people and pets
  • Nuisance pest during outdoor activities, barbecues, picnics etc.
  • Persistent wasps/hornets making it difficult to ignore
  • Building nests nearby or on your property
  • Damaging property

We provide Wasp & Hornet Nest Removal Service in Greater Toronto Area

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Our Solution to Wasp & Hornet Problems

We, at Markham Wildlife Removal, provide the following services for wasp and hornet control in Toronto and The GTA:

Wasp Removal Service

Our experts are skilled and trained to provide wasp removal service in a way to ensure the safety of you and others around you. They will monitor the situation and ensure that you are free of these little pests.

Hornet Removal

Hornets can make your time at home stressful and very difficult. Moreover, they can be dangerous for your kids and pets. So we follow a tested and proven strategy to get rid of hornets from your place to make your life peaceful.

Wasp Nest Treatment

It is essential to be cautious and alert while dealing with wasp nests as there are high chances of getting stung by these nettlesome creatures. Our experts are well-versed in the methods and procedures to remove wasps from your property efficiently and quickly.

Hornet Nest Removal

Our insect removal experts have the skill and expertise to get rid of hornet nests without disrupting your life. They are experienced enough to deal with hornet issues smoothly and in a systematic manner.

How to Get Rid of Wasp/Hornet Nest with Markham Wildlife Removal?

We have an efficient team of experts who are trained and experienced to deal with all kinds of wasp and hornet related situations. We follow a set of organized procedure to ensure that you are free of these pesky little pests.

Inspect the Property
The first and foremost step is to inspect the property thoroughly to determine the wasp/hornet nesting site. Additionally, we make sure that all the nests are discovered, in case more than one is present.

Identify the Type
It is vital to ascertain the type of insect we are dealing with; paper wasps, hornets, Yellowjackets, Mud daubers, and so forth. It is because, contrary to popular belief, not all of them are aggressive and pest control measures should be adapted accordingly.

Dealing with Wasp Nests
Before beginning the treatment process, it is important to discern if there are live wasps or hornets in the nest. Then, further course of action is decided by our experts based on various factors like location of the nest, safety measures to be undertaken, the seriousness of the situation, and so on.

Clean-Up Procedure
After getting rid of wasps and hornets, our team will make sure to clean the area and remove any trace of sprays used. Depending on the treatment rendered, they will provide you with instructions for further cleaning, if it is required.

Why Should You Choose Us for Hornet & Wasp Removal in Markham & the GTA?

  • Our team of specialists knows the importance of remaining calm and alert when dealing with these little pests.
  • We use efficient wasp & hornet removal methods; Area Treatment using sprays and Direct Treatment.
  • We schedule, plan, and carry out the wasp and hornet control procedures as per your convenience.
  • We are available 24*7 for any assistance concerning wasp/hornet control.
  • We provide effective fogging services to make your outdoor time stress-free and pleasant.
  • We strive for complete wasp & hornet removal from your commercial and residential property.