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Professional Wasp/Hornet Removal


Wasp/Hornet Problem?

Wasps and hornets are a common problem for people, especially in during the summer time. Their presence especially during outdoor events can make a for a cautious and nuisance day. Wasps and hornets have long been a problem for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Their ability to damage structures, create nests and sting make it a difficult problem for property owners to deal with. If not taken care of property, handling wasp removal or hornet removal can be a risky task putting either yourself or property occupants in danger.

Common Problems

  • Wasps/hornets causing damage to property and building structures
  • Painful stings to people and pets
  • Nuisance pest during outdoor activities, barbecues, picnics etc.
  • Persistent wasps/hornets making it difficult to ignore
  • Building nests nearby or on your property
  • Damaging property

Our Service Area for Greater Toronto Area

SOS Pest Control Service Area

How SOS Wildlife Control Can Help?

SOS Wildlife Control Inc. delivers effective and safe wasp removal solutions for properties all throughout Markham, Toronto and the surrounding GTA. Upon arrival, our SOS Wildlife Control Inc. technician will deliver an inspection of the affected area and provide you with a solution to getting rid of the wasps and hornets effectively removing them so that they cause no harm or nuisance to your home or property.

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