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SOS wildlife did a great job removing a raccoon that has intruded into my home that was causing a disturbance. They were very helpful giving me grasp of the situation about how they were going to approach my issue, and assured me that the animal will be removed safely. I would highly recommend contacting them for removing pest from home


Fantastic experience from beginning to end. Friendly, responsive service and a pleasure to deal with, would use again without reservation

We had raccoons in our garage which seemed to be quite aggressive. Sherwin and SOS came helped us remove them and gave us advice to help prevent future invasions. We were very happy with SOS and its services and would recommend it to anyone having pest problems.

This company is so good! Very prompt. Will call you right back. Easy nice going owner. Friendly. Reassured us of how he was going to deal with our problem with the raccoons. Performed the work on time and exactly as promised. Cannot go wrong by phoning. It’s done when you call

Jamie you are exceptionally brilliant in your work. I can’t thank you enough for saving the cat that was stranded and in distress on the rafters in my garage on Jan 14, 2016.
Your confident manner when I spoke with you on the phone reassured me that you would carry through on your promise of saving the poor kitty. Thank you for your patience, compassion and reassuring manner. I’m sure you are a reflection of the success of SOS Wildlife Control.
Kudos to you on an incredible job which took you less than half an hour. I would have no hesitation in recommending you and the company to anyone.
Wishing you and all who dedicate their time and effort to these rescue operations, safe ventures.


Sherwin came and helped us in a timely fashion over the holidays. Squirrels had made their way into our attic through the roof and were making a mess of things. He installed a 1-way door and protective metal mesh to cover the area and promised to leave it in place until we can repair the roof when the weather changes. This is the second time Sherwin has helped out with a pest issue for us and I highly recommend him and his team. Great work! They squirrels have moved on.

Sherwin and his team were great. He explained what they were going to do, how the traps worked and what would happen to the mice. They were very respectful of my home, covered their shoes and cleaned up after themselves. I’d highly recommend them to anyone with pest problems.


Excellent service, they were straightforward, honest and professional. They showed where the problem areas were on my roof and also gave prevention advice. No problems with raccoons after using their services.

After spending half of the day on the phone with the city trying to get them to deal with a large raccoon which was exhibiting strange symptoms in my backyard, found these guys on the internet. Thank heavens!!! Called, explained the situation, they gave me options, and then they ran in and dealt with the situation before I could even get out the door. These guys are THE BEST!!! Fast, efficient, and courteous!!! To anyone who is dealing with a raccoon problem and are tired of dealing with the city/not knowing what company to go with; CALL SOS WILDLIFE CONTROL!!!! Will now use and recommend this company exclusively! Thanks so much SOS Wildlife!!!!


When I realized that I had squirrels under my roof, I searched on the web for a pest control company in my area. The highest-rated one I could find was S.O.S. Wildlife Control. I was soon to find out why they are so highly rated. Sherwin came as soon as he was able, arrived when he said he would, was personable, informative, sensible, efficient, and fun (yes, fun). He clearly knows what he is doing and also clearly enjoys it. He understands and respects his adversaries. Lucky him, lucky them, lucky me.

I made a call and Sherwin was able arrive in 30 min to remove the bat. He also did inspection around the attitic and found nothing suspicious. The service is great and I would recommend them.


Very well done job, friendly, and great customer service. Will do everything they can to provide excellent service and full customer satisfaction. Would definitely recommend.

A huge thank you to S.O.S Wildlife Control!!! Sherwin and Jamie were our raccoon saviours. They showed up well equipped and professional. The second they arrived they took to the problem and raccoon proofed our home. At a moments notice they were there to remove the entirety of the raccoon family. They were very knowledgeable about raccoons. They openly shared some interesting facts about raccoons that have now made us very informed. Sherwin and Jamie were very assuring and calming during the time they were with us. Their level of professionalism was outstanding. The six baby raccoons were safely reunited with their mother, just in time for Mother’s Day. Thank you again, Sherwin and Jamie!!

Amazing service! Called in and spoke with Sherwin and I explained my situation…where I heard walking and scratching in the ceiling/wall. Within the hour, Jamie came over and found the issue and showed me a video of where squirrels had made it into my roof. After installing the one way door, the squirrels left within a few days. Thanks again for the quick help and amazing customer service!

Had racoon problems, SOS was professional and dealt with problem. They were punctual, and did quality work. I was very happy with their work. They pick up the one way door and repaired the roof


A ground hog got into our house and Sherwin was quick to respond. Not only did he catch it with ease, he also plugged and fenced any and all exterior holes leading to the house. He also advised us on the things we needed to do to the house to prevent animal problems in the future. Overall Sherwin was cool, courteous and responsive.


I called SOS Wildlife Control and they were prompt in their response. I heard noises in my attic which turned out to be raccoons. Sherwin and Jamie were very efficient, explained exactly what they were going to do, and done it. Sherwin called me after a few days of removing the raccoon to ensure everything was OK. Great customer service and a job well done. I highly recommend them!

have been super impressed by the work that this company has done and it is a pleasure to work along side them as the contract me for the Arborist work. Thank you for all of your dedication and hardwork.

Thank you to all those who have taken the time to leave us a message. Each one heartwarming and very much appreciated