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Centipedes are small creatures with several legs and body parts. It is not uncommon to have centipede problems in Ontario. Throughout Markham, Toronto, and the GTA you can find them in residential, commercial and industrial areas. They love to reside in places that are dark and have moisture, which is why centipedes often make their way into kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, and you will require professional centipede removal in order to get rid of them.

Common Problems

Centipedes are generally regarded as a low-risk pest problem. Often, the main cause for requesting centipede control is due to the nuisance and unsightliness of these arthropods.


SOS uses the best suitable products to handle such insects. We eliminate every trace of them and ensure a clean and safe environment.

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Centipede Control with Markham Wildlife Removal

Centipedes do not cause any damage to property and bite rarely. However, when threatened, they are known to puncture your skin by using their pincer-like front legs. You may feel a sting similar to the bees when a smaller one bites, while the larger centipedes can cause more painful experiences and even cause allergic reaction.

Here are our ways for house centipede control & prevention in Toronto & the GTA:

Indoor Centipede Control

  • We will help you seal up any gaps and crevices around doors, windows, pipes, and wiring to deter their entry.
  • We will also aid you to install exhaust fans in attic and bathrooms to discourage these many-legged creatures from entering your place.
  • We will help you clean out any bugs that may attract centipedes, which will leave them without their food.

Outdoor Centipede Control

  • We will help you clear the debris around your house like leaf litter and damp yard materials where these creatures typically hide and breed.
  • We will help you store firewood and compost away from your house perimeter to keep centipedes at bay.
  • We will help you keep the exterior of your house clutter-free to discourage centipedes from entering your place.

How to Get Rid of Centipedes with Our Help?

Centipedes, with their eerie appearance and alarming speed, have known to be a nuisance to many homeowners. If you find them too disturbing, our experts will help you get rid of centipedes.

  • Capture: Since centipedes are not known to invade in large numbers, we will help you trap the ones that you usually see moving around. It should solve your centipede problem immediately.
  • Trap: We will help you get rid of these creepy-crawlies by using effective and harmless sticky traps.
  • Sprays: Our specialists will use only those spray products that do not cause you and your pets any harm, thereby effectively removing them from your property.

Why Should You Choose Us for Centipede Pest Control?

  • We strive for complete centipede removal from your place.
  • We will schedule and plan everything as per your convenience.
  • We use efficient methods to help you with centipede removal.
  • Our experts know the best and effective ways to deal with these fast creatures.
  • We can help you get rid of centipedes without causing any damage to you and your property.
  • We are available 24/7 to provide any kind of centipede related assistance.