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SOS Wildlife Control offers wildlife and pest control services and specializes in an array of wildlife animals. For every job, we deliver professional, humane and effective solutions tailor-made to your specific situation. Animals who come too close for comfort, causing damage and costing you time and money are a nuisance and requires wildlife and pest removal services. We provide pest removal for residential, industrial and commercial clients in Markham and throughout the GTA. Such problems requiring professional wildlife and pest control services are increasing throughout Ontario due to population growth, urbanization and increasing pest numbers. Many homeowners, businesses and municipalities are experiencing problems with raccoons in the attic, bats in chimneys, opossum in walls, and more.

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Why Wildlife Removal is important?

Having wildlife and pest removal services conducted is more than just removing a nuisance from your home. Human-wildlife interactions should be kept at a minimum for the safety of the homeowner and for the well-being of the wildlife animal and their species. As more forested areas are being used for industrial purposes, the more wildlife and pest encounters in urban areas occur. With increased amounts of human-wildlife interaction, the less afraid wildlife become possibly putting themselves at risk. Leaving food out for pests, not proofing your home or leaving trash out carelessly only increases this behavior by encouraging wildlife and pests onto people’s property.


Deciding not to have wildlife and pest removal/prevention services is a choice that some people make, but before you decide that this service is not for you, here are some of the risks to keep in mind.


  • If you believe that the pests will just leave on their own, they probably will – but with a vacant space in your attic, wall or chimney, another one will soon occupy it as long as it is accessible.
  • If you have pets, be wary of the types of disease they can catch through encounters with wildlife animals or pests especially if they don’t yet have all their vaccines.
  • Allowing your home or any type of space to be wildlife dens for long periods of time will contribute to the deterioration of the property. Depending on the type of animal, they may leave their droppings around or tear parts of the buildings structure to get what they need.

Common Wildlife Signs

Depending on the type of animal you’re dealing with, there are different damages or signs of them that you may catch. Here are some of the things you may notice with unsolved wildlife and pest issues on your property.


  • Wildlife and pest droppings. Droppings may be concentrated to one area
  • Holes in soffits
  • Torn vents, pipes
  • Birds nests, nesting materials
  • Holes from digging in or around yards
  • Frequent noises of animal cries
  • Pets on high alert
  • Garbage bags torn into, or bins spilled


The best wildlife and pest removal solution (if circumstances allow) is through exclusion and prevention. Exclusion, which involves the installation of a one-way door keeps human-wildlife interaction at a minimum with interference only if absolutely necessary. Methods developed with the natural behavior of wildlife and pests in mind are not only effective but also safer.


In some instances, people with chose to conduct pest removal on their own. This can cause several problems that have negative outcomes for either yourself, your loved ones or the wildlife and pests. For best results, wildlife and pest removal/prevention should always be safe and humane. Not having the right experience, material and skill can put harm in someone’s way. This includes, falling from heights, improper use of equipment, and aggressive approaches with pests. Dealing with wildlife and pest services on your own can expose you to hazardous substance like feces, saliva, etc., putting you at risk of contracting something with negative impacts to your health. All of this and more are reasons why calling a professional wildlife and pest removal service company is always the best approach.


It is important to keep in mind why pests are so keen on coming onto our properties. These animals are simply looking for means to meet their basic needs of survival and have resorted to these measures because their natural habitats are occupied or destroyed. When performing any wildlife and pest removal/prevention service, always ensure that practices are humane and respectful.

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