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If you are hearing scratching noise in the attic, chances are high that you have mice in your place! Mice are fearless and curious by nature. They are nibblers and can chew through cables, walls, and containers. Due to their tendency to scurry away quickly, they are quite hard to spot.

So any situation involving these rodents calls for mice removal service. The experts at Markham Wildlife Removal can help you with mouse control in Toronto and the surrounding GTA region. We can aid you in getting rid of mice in the best possible manner.

Common Problems

  • Mice getting into your food and pantries
  • Going through trash-bins
  • Carrying germs and diseases
  • Leaving messes around property
  • Droppings causing potential health risks
  • Nuisance noises in evening
  • Damaging property

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Need for Professional Mice Removal Service

It is essential to opt for professional mouse control service because of the following reasons:

  • They pose a health risk to humans and pets.
  • They carry several parasites such as E. coli, Hantavirus, etc.
  • They contaminate your food and other eatables.
  • They can also cause respiratory problems in young children.
  • They can also cause damage to your property including attic insulation and electrical system.

When should you Call for an Exterminator for Mice Removal?

Identify Noises

It is the easiest way to confirm if you are dealing with a mouse. If you keep hearing scratching noises or scurrying sounds from attic, walls, or ceiling, you can be sure about the presence of mice in your place.

Visual Proof or Evidence

Another way to identify their presence is to look for evidence like chewed up wood pieces or clothes, or poop in drawers, cupboards, basement, under the stove, etc. Since mice like insulated places, you could also check the attic.


Mice tend to move around a lot during the night when everything seems to be quiet and peaceful. However, if you keep your house free of any activities during the daytime, you may find these creatures scurrying around.

Why should you choose Markham Wildlife Removal for Mice Removal?

We are experts at mice extermination.
We provide professional mouse removal services by coming up with unique solutions to all your mice-related problems.
We do not use harmful mice control products like poison or snap traps.
We use time-tested and proven mouse pest control methods.
We strive for complete removal of mice from your residential and commercial property.
We offer reliable and affordable mouse removal service in Toronto and GTA region.
We provide 24-hour mice removal and rodent control service.
We also offer attic pest removal service, in case you have mice in the attic.

How to get rid of mice with SOS Wildlife Control Markham?

We follow a systematic method of mice control and mice removal.

Step #1: Our experts try and determine the extent of mice infestation at your place including the area of infestation.

Step #2: They will look out for mice entry points, like tiny holes in cupboards, floor, laundry rooms, washrooms, basements, garages, and so forth.

Step #3: Further, they will close those entry points to prevent mice from entering your place.

Step #4: They will use baits like cheese and peanut butter to trap them.

Step #5: It is the most crucial step because sealing up the area effectively will ensure that your place is free of mice in the future. It is essential to make sure that you will not have to deal with a similar mice-related situation again.

Step #6: The last step is to perform proper clean-up and decontamination procedures to prevent any diseases.