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Mice Removal


Mice Issues?

Mice are and have been a common household pest for centuries. Throughout the years, people have been searching for solutions on how to best get rid of mice from their properties and today is no different. Mice have been a problem for residential, commercial and industrial properties for many years, leaving messes, creating damages and spreading germs. Mice populations increase quickly so it is best to solve a mice problem before it escalates.

Common Problems

  • Mice getting into your food and pantries
  • Going through trash-bins
  • Carrying germs and diseases
  • Leaving messes around property
  • Droppings causing potential health risks
  • Nuisance noises in evening
  • Damaging property

Our Service Area for Greater Toronto Area

SOS Pest Control Service Area

How SOS Wildlife Control Can Help?

SOS Wildlife Control has been providing mice removal solutions over the course of many years. Our methods are safe and effective, solving your mice removal issue quickly and efficiently. When booking with SOS Wildlife Control Inc. a thorough inspection is conducted, allowing our technicians to identify where problem areas on the property may be. Upon inspection, a customized solution developed unique for your specific situation. Precautions should be taken throughout the mice removal process as they pose risk for harmful disease that are transferable to humans. To avoid this, SOS Wildlife Control exercises caution for all of our mice removal procedures ensuring that the process is safe as well as the property occupants. For safe and effective mice removal solutions, calls SOS Wildlife Control today!

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